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Cast Iron Cooking

by Dwayne Ridgaway

The adage "everything old is new again" is proven to be true once more as evidence of the resurgence in popularity of cooking with cast iron. Celebrity chefs like Emeril, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, and Alton Brown are touting the virtues and versatility of cast-iron cookware. Now cooking enthusiasts can learn the age-old techniques that have made cast iron cooking a perennial favorite.

Cast Iron Cooking describes attributes of cast-iron pans and how best to use them; provides a review of all shapes, kinds, and brands of iron utensils; and explains what each is best suited for. It includes recipes for easy, healthy, gourmet-quality dishes from entrees to desserts made in cast-iron pans. A special chapter covers live-fire and charcoal cooking and grilling with cast iron. (Psst! Cast-iron cookware is perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining.)

Sidebars cover interesting facts about cast iron, such as its history as a chuck-wagon favorite, how to use a Dutch oven with live coals, how to prepare and maintain a natural no-stick surface (a process called "seasoning") on these pans, and more.

Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Liquors and Spirits

by Dwayne Ridgaway

Caution: Cooking with liquor and other spirits can be intoxicating!

Adding liquors and spirits into simple dishes is the ultimate way to add potent flavor and subtle flair. Most people already have a well-stocked liquor cabinet, and anything from anise to whiskey can be splashed into a marinade, incorporated into a soup, or baked into a rich dessert. The Gourmet’s Guide to Cooking with Liquors and Spirits will take your cooking from everyday to elegant.

Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Chocolate

by Dwayne Ridgaway

Building on the concept of The Gourmets Guide to Cooking with Wine and The Gourmets Guide to Cooking with Beer, this fully illustrated book shows how to use chocolate as the ultimate convenience ingredient that will add big impact to your cooking and baking repertoire. Why? Chocolate is versatile. It can be used with many different types of food. Use it to add variety and flavor to ordinary dishes. Add chocolate and you instantly add class to the most humble fare. With more than 150 recipes for savory dishes and inspired desserts all featuring chocolate you’ll never look at a candy bar the same way again.

Indoor Grilling and Smoking

by Dwayne Ridgaway

Grilling is a cooking method that people are passionate about, and with good reason. Happily, the advent of electric and stovetop cookers has moved this economical, flavorful, and healthy cooking method from the backyard into the kitchen. With this incredible guide, you can enjoy the grilled and smoked flavors you love all year round.

Lavish photographs, fresh ingredient lists, and concise recipes raise grilling standards and vegetarian fare to new levels. From appetizers and entrees to salads, sides and desserts, you will discover how incredibly versatile and electric or stovetop grill can be, and how combining wood chips with a simple stovetop smoker can quickly infuse food with flavor associated with long hours of outdoor smoking.


by Dwayne Ridgaway

Lasagna provides home cooks with a whole new way of approaching layered cooking and an extensive collection of delicious, easy-to-use comfort food recipes. Author Dwayne Ridgaway, a caterer and chef, brings together all types of layered one-dish recipes, including traditional lasagnas, vegetarian and seafood options, and scrumptious layered desserts. With dozens of color photographs and over 50 recipes

with variations such as Moussaka and Tiramisu Lasagna will appeal to cooks of all skill levels and needs.

One-Dish Meals

by Dwayne Ridgaway

Think one-dish-meals can't be healthy and interesting? Think again. Unlike the uninspiring, heavy, and calorific one-dish meals and casseroles of the past, this book offers appetizing and attractive make-ahead meal and appetizer ideas that appeal to today's cooks, who are interested in lighter, healthier fare.

It is the perfect book for busy singles and couples who need make-ahead family meals, as well as for people who love to entertain but don't want to be tied to the kitchen the day of the party. In fact, make-ahead party food is a staple of professional caterers.

Here, you'll find recipes for delicious appetizers and salads; soups, stews, chilis, and chowders; pot pies and shepherd's pies; traditional casseroles; Mexican, Asian, Italian, and Greek specialties; and more. The emphasis is on fresh ingredients and healthy meals that are easy to make ahead and reheat, refrigerator-to-oven, freezer-to-oven or - microwave, or grill. Author Dwayne Ridgaway also talks about the importance of presentation.


by Dwayne Ridgaway

Pizza is not just for pepperoni anymore. Pizza: 50 Traditional and Alternative Recipes for the Oven and Grill turns what was once the traditional Sicilian tomato and cheese pie into a feast for the mouth and a smorgasbord of flavors. Dwayne Ridgaway makes pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for dessert. Lavishly illustrated, this compilation of recipes shows you how to make an original pizza creation, using either the oven or the grill, and gives you inspiration for coming up with your own delicious pizza topping combinations. Grilled or baked, these recipes will give you ideas to make pizza a meal for anytime of the day and for any event. Included here is an array of recipes, including Tenderloin and Portobello Mushroom Pizza, Caramelized Leek and Golden Potato Grilled Pizza, Bloody Mary Shrimp Pizza with Fried Garlic, Western Omelet Breakfast Pizza, Thai Chicken Pizza, and even Apple Crumble "Pizza" for dessert. With this book, fresh ingredients, and a little creativity, you will transform pizza from Sunday night take-out into an every night gourmet feast.

Sandwiches, Panini, and Wraps

y Dwayne Ridgaway

Whether the occasion is a picnic, lunch, brunch, or late night entertaining, sandwiches, panini, and warps provide a unique alternative to the usual fare. Sandwiches, Panini, and Wraps covers everything you need to create these taste-tempting meals. It begins with an overview of the sandwich from a historical perspective and then it deconstructs these multilayered concoctions.