The best events start here.  

I am always captivated by my surroundings.  The changing of leaves, the shimmer of water in the sunlight, the way roots creep from the ground at the base of a tree.  Stonewalls enchant me, weathered barn doors persuade me and rough hewn shutters inspire me.  Terracotta is one of my favorite colors and time worn ladders are a thing of beauty.  My aesthetic is Worn Chic.  My events, while appropriate for the venue and client are a marriage of the same idea.  New and Old, worn and sleek, smooth and textured with pops of vibrant modern color and charm when necessary.  Each one a custom seduction of taste, style, sophistication, and elegance.

Stepping into an event created by Dwayne Ridgaway is a journey of sophisticated elegance, an exposure to creative determination and a moment that will inspire, seduce and amaze you.  Creating an event is likened to a painting, layers of texture, color and strokes of the brush that evolve into a mood altering canvas.  From perimeter décor and lighting, to linens and flowers every event is an original painting of the dreamers dream.